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Your Manifestation Key is the latest manifestation program launched on ClickBank with one product, two bumps and upsell, which can give you up to $149 per sale.

We have spent over $10k USD worth of ads ourselves before making this program available for affiliates and every single resource available on this page has been extensively tested. 

Why Promote Us

  • 75% commissions on mian product and all upsells
  • Extensive research and tests have been made with the sales page & email swipes
  • Sales page reviewed & approved by 6-figure ClickBank author
  • Refund rates lower than 5% over the past 3 months

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Video Sales Letter

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Email Swipes (more emails coming soon)

Subject: {name}’s missing key

Hi {name},

I know you feel like something is missing in your life and I know you had higher hopes, am I right?

Well, what if I told you you are one step away from living your dream life?

All you need is the KEY I’m about to give you.

>> Give me my abundance key

This will be really life changing, and an opportunity you won’t see again.

>> Click here to start your new life

May the forces from the universe be with you.

Talk to you soon,


Subject: {name}, hide this from everyone

Dear {name},

I have a SECRET message to share with you today, but I want you to listen to it.

>>> Here’s the message in video format (Click here to view)

I suggest you open it up and see what it says right away!

And be sure to listen to every word of it closely.

Talk to you soon,


Subject:  re: your answer - {name}

Dear {name},

“It is a long-established truth of the universe that everything happens for a reason.”

I heard that you are in need of salvation… and of your dreams to finally be unlocked.

But today your plight of bad luck will be reversed, and you will finally experience wealth and happiness.

>> Everything will be explained HERE

Talk to you soon,


Subject:  {name}, this key belongs to yo

Dear {name},

How was your week?

I know it was not an easy one, but I bring good news: you are not alone.

I have a beautiful story to tell that will make your day better and possibly CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

I’ll give you a hint, it involves a secret key.


I’m only asking for 5 minutes. Five minutes that can change your life forever.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Your friend,


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